Meet Avinash Choudhary: A Multi-Talented Guy in Amit Bhadana Team

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A Multi-Talented Guy in Amit Bhadana Team ​They say, “Where There is a Will There is Always A Way”! Isn’t that very true? When we have a passion, an urge to achieve something big in life, no matter where we live, no matter how much we are educated, no matter how the financial conditions are … we still bloom with flying colors! This is the story of a passionate person, Avinash Choudhary, who dreamt of becoming a YouTube star.

Meet Avinash Choudhary: A Multi-Talented Guy in Amit Bhadana Team

About Avinash Choudhary

Avinash was born and brought up in a small village, Gokulpur, Delhi in a middle class family. Since childhood, Avinash was apple of everyone’s eye. He was the favorite among all the children’s. Avinash was fond of Indian cinema since childhood. He used to copy the movie dialogues and recite those in front of his teachers and relatives which made him lovable of everyone.

Avinash completed his high school education from Pratibha Vikas School, a Government school in Delhi. He was an average student in school but was inclined more towards Indian Cinema.

Later during the college studies, he developed his interest in Management area and did great in that field. He worked for a Multi-National Company for couple of years. But unfortunately, he did not enjoy his job in the company. His ambition was to do something good for the people, something different. But he couldn’t find the right way.

A dear friend Amit Bhadana came to rescue him. When Amit told Avinash that he was starting his own YouTube channel, Avinash decided to quit the job and dedicate 100% to the channel. Initially, Avinash decided to handle the management department as he was expert in it. But later, with the help of Amit Bhadana, he developed and learned some basics of acting as well.

In this whole journey, Avinash’s main supporters were his parents. Without their blessings and faith nothing could be possible for him, believes Avinash.Today the only dream of Avinash is to make a regional movie along with Amit Bhadana and his team.Currently Avinash is performing in Amit’s videos and has gained lot of popularity. He grabbed 17.3K followers on Instagram. You can also follow him on @theavinashchoudhary on Instagram.

Avinash is Young and talented guy with brilliant skills of management as well as acting. When you dream something new, something big… God opens several doors to make them achieve.
Hats off Avinash! Best Wishes!

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