Showing displeasure, Sonam & Rhea Kapoor, react on the remake of ‘Mr India’, say their father did not even know about it.

Recently, it was reported that director Ali Abbas Zafar was starting work on his next project which happens to be the cult classic film Mr India’s remake as Mr India Reboot. As many questioned Sonam & Rhea about the project& to spill out details about it, the Kapoor sisters came out in the open to clear the air on the same by showing discontent on the matter as they were fully unaware of such advancements.

Clearly, the announcement made by Zafar did not go down well with the sister-duo as prior permissions were not taken from the original creators of the film before making such a huge announcement of a remake of a film that was a massive hit in 1987 & which makes for one of the biggest films in Anil Kapoor’s career.

Showing displeasure, Sonam & Rhea Kapoor, react on the remake of ‘Mr India’, say their father did not even know about it.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, Sonam expressed her discontent on the matter & said, “A lot of people have been asking me about the Mr India remake. Honestly, my father didn’t even know that the film was being remade, we found about it through social media when Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted. It’s quite disrespectful and underhanded, if it is true, since no one bothered to consult my father or Shekhar uncle – two people who made a major role in making the film what it was and is.”

Letting people know how upsetting the announcement has been by Zafar, she further said, “It’s sad because that was a film made with heart and hard work and is very sentimental to my father. Beyond commerce and announcements, it is a part of his legacy. I should hope that respect for someone’s work and contribution is still as important to us as a big weekend at the box office.”

Agreeing with her sister’s views, Rhea shared Sonam’s post & said, “Some things go beyond money, ambition, paperwork, semantics. Somethings are pure and need to be protected. If you respected the legacy, you would show respect and do it the right way. Let’s try not to make a project out of everything.”

After Ali announced the reboot version of the legendary film, Shekhar Kapur, director of the original film expressed his discontent on Twitter & wrote, “No one has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film called Mr India 2. I can only guess that they using the title to get a big weekend. For they cannot use the characters/story without permission from the original creators of the film.”

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